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Scenery elements

I recently took advantage of some free time I had to test a simple, quick and inexpensive method to create scenery elements. This will allow me to accumulate a sufficient number of them to be able to modulate my game table according to my scenarios.

I tried to represent landscapes that could be found in California and what is interesting is that the more I look at pictures of this region, the more I think that all the landscapes could be in California =)! From the coniferous forest to the desert area, as well as very rocky relief with low vegetation ! If you want to have a look there is this webcam site to detect fire starts: alertwildfire

I used a method I saw on youtube last year, using cardboard, toilet paper and cheap acrylic paint that you can find in action shops.

I am quite happy with the final result and it was not very complicated to do. Up close you can see the weight of the toilet paper but from a distance it is not visible and it looks great!

I also added a bit of green flocking to the hill scenery which I mixed with dry grass flocking, foam flocking to represent the low vegetation and some fir trees.

On the lake I only did a sand undercoat with a light drybrush and then some dry grass flocking. For the water I painted black and two shades of blue, lightly drybrushed white and a bit of glossy varnish of the type you find in DIY shops. I could have used resin but that would have been more time consuming and expensive and I am quite happy with the result of the water.

The trees I used are T scale (the smallest scale available for trains: 1/450) railway decor trees from the website. I find them really good for what I want to do but also very expensive for what they are. So I did a bit of « retro engineering » and I’ll try to make mine soon as I need a lot more!

1/450 Tgauge Fir Trees

These two first elements of scenery were tests and I will be able to make others quickly, in particular higher reliefs. The small relief allowed me to try out several flocking, painting and creation methods and the lake will allow me to test the gameplay of the scoopers during my next test game. I also wanted to do something where the planes would fit well with their base and it works, we’ll have to see with more relief.

I also tested new markers for retardant. I made them with sheets of felt in A4 format in which I cut them out. I find the principle interesting because it allows to mark the barriers of retardant easily without damaging the decorations and it is cheap and quick to make.

Make your line !

At the moment I’m also looking for a play mat in a dried grass meadow style but at the moment I can’t find one and I’m wondering if I should make my own directly.

Holidays are not the best time to write for me as I usually do it at work on my lunch break but I have a lot of articles in mind that I need to take the time to do to show you that I’m making progress even though I’m not very fast right now!



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