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First test play

Today was a day off for me and I was able to do my first full-scale play test during my son’s naps! I was able to validate some concepts, test others over the course of a game and begin to correct what I found to be perfectible. There is still a lot of work toLire la suite « First test play »

3D Printing

A few weeks ago I told you about 3D printing via Despite the high quality of the models, this service is still very expensive compared to other 1/600th scale aircraft on the market. Nevertheless, it has the merit to offer models that cannot be found elsewhere…at least in the shops! After this article ILire la suite « 3D Printing »

Fire Bomber Into Hell

I’m currently away on business and don’t have much time to work on the project but I did manage to finish reading Fire Bomber Into Hell by Link W. Alexander. This book is simply excellent and a must read if you are interested in aerial forest fire fighting. The author tells of his experience asLire la suite « Fire Bomber Into Hell »


In order to be able to test large capacity tanker I chose to make a C-130. For the simplicity of its livery I chose to represent a C-130 MAFFS of the US National Guard. I represented the MAFFS 1 which is operated by the Wisconsin National Guard. For this model I had to glue theLire la suite « C-130 MAFFS (ENG) »

TBM Avenger (ENG)

For the first three TBMs I also decided to keep the liveries simple and chose to make two from Hemet Valley Flying Service Inc. and one from Aerial Applicators Inc. The colours in both cases are orange and black which was simpler for me. For these models I had to sand the barrel of theLire la suite « TBM Avenger (ENG) »

A-26 Invader (ENG)

One of the advantages of firefighting aicrafts is that they has often been used by many companies, which means that there is a wide choice of liverie availables. I wanted to keep it simple for the moment and for my first two Invaders I chose the Airspray livery. First of all I had to sandLire la suite « A-26 Invader (ENG) »

Presentation (ENG)

My name is Rémi, I live in France, in Britany. I’ve been passionate about aeronautics since I was very young and I am involved in everything that is close or far from this field. I am a microlight pilot, I have practiced skydiving for a few years and I work in naval aviation where ILire la suite « Presentation (ENG) »

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