Fire Bomber In Action Videobook and game scale

I’ve had a lot of work in the last few days, which has made it hard for me to post on the blog, but I’ve made some progress on the metal aircrafts and I’ve been able to work a bit on the fire behaviour in the game. I’ll be able to talk about it hereLire la suite « Fire Bomber In Action Videobook and game scale »

What’s new for the near future / Quoi de neuf dans le futur proche

I’ve chosen the next models I’m going to do: two Catalinas, two S- F Trackers, two Tigercat F-7Fs, a C-119 and a UH-60. I’m still thinking about what livery I want to do but I’m thinking of doing a Catalina with the windows bulging at the back and one without and doing some sculpting toLire la suite « What’s new for the near future / Quoi de neuf dans le futur proche »

Reflection about the retardant in the game

Fire retardant is a very effective way of fighting forest fires. The tactics of use are not the same as for water, and although it can be used directly on the fire, retardant is more commonly dropped as a barrier around the fire to contain, delay or direct its progress. As you can see onLire la suite « Reflection about the retardant in the game »

1/600th Aircrafts available on the market

With the exception of the CL-215 and CL-415, which were created as water bombers from the start, the history of firefighting aircraft is a history of modification and adaptation. This fact is reflected in the model making and the 1/600th scale is no different : if you want to have the most similar aircraft youLire la suite « 1/600th Aircrafts available on the market »

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