Fire Bomber In Action Videobook and game scale

I’ve had a lot of work in the last few days, which has made it hard for me to post on the blog, but I’ve made some progress on the metal aircrafts and I’ve been able to work a bit on the fire behaviour in the game. I’ll be able to talk about it here soon.

In parallel I received the book Fire Bomber In Action by Frederick A. Jonhnsen that I started to look through. This book has the particularity to be associated with a 60min DVD in which there are a lot of very nice videos, some of them quite rare and sometimes not found on the internet. It dates from 2010 and is very much focused on the history and early days of aerial firefighting, with the 1970s in particular highlighted through lots of great photos. A large part of the book is a very exhaustive catalogue of firefighting aircraft with a brief history and its main characteristics. A lot of aircraft rarely seen elsewhere are presented like the B-18 Bolo, the Ford Trimotor, the AJ Savage or the AF-2 Guardian which is really cool!

The book is concluded by several very interesting appendixes providing :

  • a listing of Callsigns, registration, aircraft type and comments on aircraft that have been used in the USA
  • A list of firefighting companies in the USA
  • The safety drop altitudes for the main aircraft
  • A comparative ranking of tankers, made by the USFS, dating from 1959

In short, this book looks very promising and I can’t wait to read it!

However, I rushed to watch the DVD and one part particularly caught my attention in relation to Load and Return:
A video on the organisation around the fires depending on their size.

I found it on Youtube after a lot of searching and here it is:

1950s era film showing the use of air tankers in the fire fighting.

In relation to the scale I’m going to choose for the game, what I imagine is that Load and Return will be more adapted to simulate the small and medium fires by respecting this scheme and that the simulation of the large fires will be done perhaps only on one flank of them. I want to focus on the « tactical » aspect rather than the overall strategy. The player will probably have the position of a « Line Boss » simulating his presence in an « Air Attack » circling above the area of operation.

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