Let’s talk about the rules

I think it is important that I give you a first update on the rules and my ideas. It’s possible that as this blog progresses I’ll address some rule points in a more precise way and sometimes I’ll skim over other points. The aim is to leave a bit of a surprise at the end and not to reveal everything before the first publication!

First of all I want to keep the rules simple. If at the beginning I thought of a very small booklet of a few pages, I am now moving towards something a little longer because I still want to bring a touch of simulation and immersion to the game. Nevertheless, it must remain accessible to all and I would like the major parts of the rules to be mastered in one game by a beginner. The goal is to keep it simple, fluid and logical.

There are several important points to consider for a game like this so that it does not become heavy and remains immersive.

The progress of the fire is a primordial element and finding the best way to simulate it is what I am working on the most at the moment because it is the basis of the game. To this basic behaviour will be added the impact of the terrain, possibly the type of terrain and the weather and its possible variations during the game.

Similarly, flying an aircraft without attack or defence manoeuvres as seen in other air combat games might seem boring and to make this part interesting and fun the weather, terrain, altitude, speed, effect on drop, collision risks and manoeuvrability of the aircraft will be taken into account.

In order for the game to be dynamic without being too fast, it is also necessary to choose a good time scale which will have an impact on the moving distances and the speed of propagation of the fire.

Generally, here are some of the elements that will be integrated into the game :

  • The different types of aircraft used: Water bomber and retardant, with adapted and consistent characteristics (speed, manoeuvrability, tank capacity, etc.).
  • Water bomber helicopter (Bambi Bucket and Helitanker): Same as for the planes.
  • The lead planes that can give bonuses to the bombers.
  • Environment management (weather, terrain, visibility…).
  • Fire evolution « algorithm » to make it simple, coherent and « autonomous ».
  • Effect of water retardant and foaming agents.
  • Management of the reloading of aircraft with retardant and the scooping of water bombers.
  • Random events (weather, mechanical, aeronautical, …).
  • Ground troops (Smokjumper, Helitack, more classic fire groups) but in a rather superficial way. They will have a role and an impact but will be more there to complete the work of the planes.
  • A rather exhaustive collection of characteristics in the game for the main aircraft used according to the periods.

A part one will be in the basic rules and it is possible that the other part will be in the optional rules.

I’m also thinking about a role-playing part that could allow you to play the game in a campaign to make your pilot(s) evolve. The aim would be for the pilot to have an impact on certain elements according to his abilities and experience.

At the moment a lot of the basic rules are written and I will have to go through the testing phase to validate them.

Please feel free to comment on this article, ask questions or give me your ideas or impressions. I will be happy to answer you.

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